We specialize in house painting, and it shows

Painting is our craft

"Anything worth doing, is worth doing right"

We are craftsmen. We take the special care to make certain that our work is not only right and proper, but that it is done with care and integrity. We live our craft and take the time to learn and grow as new products and techniques are available so that we are always working with the very best tools and know-how. Armed with this we can offer something truly special with a personal touch.

Why PaintCraft?

MISSION: Our mission is to bring comfort and ease to homeowners by way of providing exceptional service and work with integrity

VISION: We see a world where the work and services provided are not only amazing and of the highest quality, but that are performed with dignity and respect. Honest pay for honest work need not be a thing of the past and we strive to be an example of this.


What we offer

Interior Repainting

We can take your walls and paint them with love... and paint too! We take the extra efforts to make the final product something that is simply stunning. Depending on the level of finish you are looking for we can offer something as simple as a color change to a refinish of the wall surface leaving you with a stunning mural of excellence.

Exterior Repainting

Weather can make even the best paint jobs age leaving your home riddled with cracks, nail holes and rotten wood. We take all of those and create a masterpiece. Sealed for the years to come and painted to perfection.

Custom and Unique Projects

Its a simple reality that those companies who specialize in being tradesmen and contractors aren't able to accommodate the little things. This might be a cabinet refinishing in your kitchen to paint over the original stain. Or perhaps a mantle that is built in needs a respray so that it looks like the day you moved in. Whatever it is, we are ready, willing, and able!


We focus on using products that can be recycled or reused. This may be the plastics and paper that we use to cover and protect that may be recycled to the quality tools we purchase to make sure we have as little waste as possible. Extra paints are all used as primers, donated or properly disposed of. The bottom line is that we care about what we throw away and what that may or may not mean for our future.


It is always our desire to complete our work as though it were for our own homes, giving the best we have and caring to show just that in our results.


We have the knowhow, we have the facts. We are the professionals, you can relax!


What we have created

Trim and Wall

Interior Trim and Walls

Special care taken to make ever curve and contour as clean as possible.


Exterior Trim and Doors

With seams caulked, nail holes filled and quality paint applied properly, It not only looks good but lasts.



Want to change an out of date or dirtied up wall color? That is our specialty. We take it to the highest level and as you can see, it shows.

What our customers say


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